Sarah Bradley Photography
A little bit of snow, a pinch of ice, a good bit of rain, and a whole lot of love – totals up for being the most memorable year we have had!
Memory: the mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions, etc., or of recalling or recognizing previous experiences


Saturday, January 7th, was a day that we will honestly remember forever. For the first time in 6 years, we can truly say – we were in a State of Emergency! Not that we as a venue were in this state of emergency, half of North Georgia was! But, with snow and ice comes everything nice, right? Absolutely, our beautiful Rachel and Zach tied the knot in our gorgeous barn for their inside ceremony! Guests arrived safely and the wedding went off without a hitch!


Photography: Katelyn Cantrell


With the upcoming trends in the wedding industry and the ever-growing craze of social media, what better way to remember your wedding day than having your photographer create your own personalized GIF? I mean how cool is that?! For the first time ever at The Wheeler House, Woodstock based photographer Kevin Lowery created a GIF in our bridal suite of our precious bride Lindsey’s bridesmaids reacting to the first time they saw their bride!

Photographer: Kevin Lowery


Tasty and Trendy? What more could you want on your wedding day! As Spring began we had a delicious guest at the venue with the presence of Mac the Cheese food truck! This food truck not only delivered a mouthwatering assortment of foods but was also the one and only food truck at The Wheeler House for 2017!


Photography: Happy Everything Co.


Bold and Beautiful stole the show in our barn on April 15th. A new look hit the scene and to say we were obsessed is an understatement. Our sweet Kristina had a vision and completely killed it with the help of one of our favorite vendors, Miss Milly’s Event rentals and Design! Farm tables swept the scene and completed such an amazing look for the reception.


Photographer: Someplace Wild


Luke Bryan wasn’t wrong when he said, “Rain is a good thing!” As soon as Paige and Chaz began their vows the drops began to fall and it was nothing more than stunning! The pictures that followed this day were something most people will never get to experience, and instead of worrying about the rain, these two embraced it and made their love glow brighter.


Kathryn Elisabeth Photographs


A new brand that swept the wedding industry by storm in 2017, and also swept the hearts of so many of our sweet brides. Show Me Your Mumu bridesmaids dresses became a new favorite and when this special day came, we immediately knew this perfect summer shade of silver sage was one we had never seen before! Classy, unique, and vibrant – well done Mrs. Bates!


Cassie Valente Photography


When we first met Paige, we knew she was one of the sweetest brides we’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She was so kind, so poised, and undoubtedly tasteful. We knew her wedding would be beautiful just from how she carries herself. When July got here, we were so excited for her and Griff’s special day. When we saw Paige for the first time in her wedding dress we were completely in awe. She was glowing the intricate lace sleeves coming off the shoulders and her classic up-do was timeless!


Sweet Avenue Photography


*Que the tissues* Not often do we see family members affiliated with the ceremony, they are usually sitting on the first rows watching with great pride and joy. In August, we had the pleasure of watching that change. In our planning meetings our sweet Lindsey told us that her stepfather would be the one officiating their ceremony and what a distinct memory that left us with. Talk about such a special memory to have!


Mike Moon Studio


These September sweethearts traveled from Mississippi to be with us and this military wedding taught us a new wedding tradition!
“A saber arch is a wedding tradition in which sabers or swords are used to salute a newly married couple. The bride and groom pass under an honorary arch of sabers, typically when exiting the building in which the wedding ceremony took place. The tradition is in use worldwide.”


Ben Finch Photography


Practice makes perfect and when I dip, you dip, we dip! Talk about picture perfect when ending your first dance as husband and wife! Ashley and Justin wowed their crowd with this beautiful closing to their first dance and we give them a standing ovation!


Katie Sutter Photography


20+ hours on an airplane is nothing when you’re flying in for your wedding! Kayla and Matt joined us all the way from Australia! With a small intimate wedding surrounded by family and friends, this November affair logged the most miles traveled by a Wheeler House bride and groom to date!


Farrah Brianna Photography


‘Time is of the essence’ is what they say, but we had a full 42 days to execute this wedding! Kristin came to us in October and asked to book her December 3rd wedding date! With a short time to plan, everything came together beautifully! With our all-inclusive packages, we take all the stress away so you’re able to enjoy your dream day


Kathryn Elisabeth Photographs
In closing, it’s inevitable that no wedding is ever the same at The Wheeler House. Each is meticulously thought out, with different components and factors that are brought in. We are so thankful for the memories of 2017 and for all of the incredible couples we have had the opportunity to cross paths with.
With love – The Wheeler House