Are you bored in the house or in the house bored? We get it and The Wheeler House staff is here to help! Follow along as we guide you through 6 things you can work on for your wedding day during your stay at home!

1. Ceremony script

A ceremony script is a very important piece of your wedding day. This is going to breakdown exactly how you want your ceremony to go and what you want the person officiating your wedding to say. Do you want your vows to be traditional or are you planning to write your own? Will there be a unity ceremony or any readings?

Having a ceremony script will allow you to have all your eggs in one basket and keep everything structured. It’s a great idea to do an outline starting with your processional then working your way through a welcoming announcement, introduction, any readings, and so on! Keep in mind this is your day, so while there are traditional orders for a ceremony script you can always add and veto things out!

2. Thank you cards to your vendors!

Having some downtime at home is a perfect time to write thank you cards for vendors. It is a great way to show appreciation for their efforts! A lot of what vendors do is behind the scenes work to make your day perfect for you, it goes a long way to give them a little personalized pat on the back and helps them to know that they are appreciated.

Bride Getting Ready At Wheeler Cottages

3. Writing your letters to exchange

We LOVE this idea! This is such a sweet, intimate way to express your love to each other before walking down the isle. Letter exchanges can be captured in photos without having to do a first look, or simply given to each other to open the day of. What we love most about this is just the meaning behind it, letting your significant other know that this is the start of your life together and how grateful you are for them. Think of this as a keepsake too! You’ll be able to hold on to and look back on this sweet moment for years to come. Grab a pen, paper, and maybe a tissue or two and get to writing!

Wedding dress - Bride

4. Practicing your first dance

Not all of us are ballroom dancers so this is a great tip to help you let lose in the comfort of your own home! Grab your soon to be partner, push back the furniture, and start working on those moves! A lot of couples are nervous for how their first dance will go so getting some practice in will allow for those nerves to settle down while spending no money at all. It’s a win-win.

Wedding reception - Wedding dress

5. Designing any programs or stationary

Ah, programs! Use these few weeks stuck at home to create programs if you are choosing to use them! They are a great way to keep guests in the loop of what will be going on during your special day. They add a personalized, special touch as well. Whether you decide to have programs passed out to each individual guests or just one large display that guests can swing by and read, we think they’re a great resource at a wedding! This goes for menus as well; having a menu displayed at each place setting for your reception really helps to make your guests feel welcomed and allows them to see what will be available food and drink wise before dinner starts. 

6. Make your list of what to bring to the venue on the day of!

We love checklists! The day of will be a whirlwind leading up to the start of the ceremony so making sure you have everything you need will be a huge help to not only the bride but anyone helping set up décor. If you plan to have bridal party gifts, matching robes for all your girls, or even mimosas set out when you’re getting ready… you won’t want to forget any of these things, add them to your list! Anything that the venue doesn’t provide we recommend writing down too, pictures of you and your groom, guestbook, you name it!

We hope you guys are staying safe and use the six tips from our professionals to your advantage! Can’t wait to see you soon!

Photographer: Kayley Lorraine