So, you’ve sent out your wedding day invitations, you’re probably wondering what’s next, right? All while trying not to freak out that you’ve just sent out your wedding invites to your closest friends and family. Embrace it.

This week’s informative blog is to help our brides nail down remaining details as we close in the final months before their big day. Listed below are some prominent suggestions that aren’t necessarily “last minute” but will help guarantee that you aren’t forgetting anything major before your wedding day!

1. It’s not just about the day, but what’s happening that night!
After your wedding, you have to go somewhere, right? It’s a major factor to make sure that you have finalized your accommodations for the wedding night, along with how you and your new spouse are going to get there! The month before your wedding is the perfect time to secure/finalize your destination, while making sure that you have a safe and secure way to get there!

2. Simple Thank you’s
We know its crunch time, but it’s so important to remember those who have been there along your journey! If you are planning on giving gifts, cards, or letter to your any members of your bridal party/family, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on these! This takes time. Making it personal and not last minute by handwriting your thank you’s to everyone will make you so much happier you took care of this a month before instead of the week of your wedding while you really trying to finish last minute details. And if you have any gifts you are giving out, go ahead and start wrapping them and prepping them for the big day!

3. Trial and Error
Brides, if you haven’t already scheduled a hair and makeup trial now would be the time to do so! Sometimes wedding day make up can be applied a little heavier than your normal everyday look, it’s important to have a trial to ensure you like the way this is going to look on you! The same goes for your hairstyle, especially if you are planning on adding a veil, flower crown, or a hair piece of some sort, you definitely want to have an idea of how it will look the day of so you aren’t shocked.

4. Vendor Relations
This is key. Contacting all of your vendors prior to your wedding will you help you immensely. This will alleviate stress and make sure that everything is squared away. It’s important to confirm any remaining details, payments, and timelines to allow any necessary changes before the wedding.

5. Beginning to Build
We know you are still waiting on your RSVPs to come in, but this is the perfect time to begin planning your seating chart! Start thinking of how you want this to be presented, will you need an easel or a table to prop it up on? We strongly suggest seating charts so there is no confusion on where guests need to go! This will be a huge relief on your wedding day because everyone who RSVP’d will be guaranteed a spot!

In closing, our team of wedding planners compiled these top 5 to do’s while you are waiting to get back your RSVPs! These are tremendous tips that will allow you to enjoy the process! Like we said in the beginning, embrace it! We are here to help and make this the best experience it can be for you, your family, and your closest friends!