Let’s discuss some things that are seen as traditional on a wedding day that you may be questioning if you want to include or want to make your own. Your wedding day is about you and your partner spending the rest of your life together so shouldn’t it be everything you want it to be?

First Look

A lot of couples go back and forth on the decision to share a first look with each other or wait until the ceremony begins and walk down the isle. There’s controversy on it not being traditional however, it’s seen to some as the new traditional! First looks gives the bride and groom a private moment to see each other on their wedding day with no one else involved (other than the photographer, of course!) It makes for timeless pictures to see a groom’s face light up, possibly even cry when he lays eyes on his bride in a beautiful dress for the first time.

Choosing to walk down the isle and that being your groom’s first time seeing you creates a build up of so many emotions and makes for an amazing moment. Everyone in the crowd is able to see his reaction so what this moment comes down to is do you want to spend it alone or surrounded by everyone you love? If you’re still on edge about what to do, consider a first touch. This is a super intimate moment; great for photo opts, and allows for your future partner to still not see you!


Guest Book

Your typical guest book consists of pages with lines that allow guests to sign their name and leave a small message for the bride and groom. We are loving more modern ideas such as signed Polaroid pictures inside a scrapbook, you can put the face to the name! Other great ideas are signing hearts and dropping them into a box, signing a wood plaque that can be used as decoration or a serving tray in your home, the ideas are endless! When you’re discussing what would work best for you to use as a quest book consider what’s practical. Do you want to be able to reuse it? See it in your home everyday? Or is it a keepsake that you want to put away that can be pulled out from time to time to reminisce?

Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

In most weddings, the flower girl walks down tossing petals to each side prepping for the bride’s grand entrance and the ring bearer carries a set of rings. This is a great way to include younger family members or children that you’re close too and there are so many different things that a ring bearer can carry down the isle! This is something that the crowd will always oh and aw at and makes for super sweet pictures. However, they’re not a necessity to a wedding. If you’re worried your little nephew that just turned one might be scared or run the opposite way, you don’t have to feel pressured to have them in your wedding! It may make for a funny memory down the road but this day is for you.

If it’s a case where there are no younger children attending the wedding that’s no big deal either! No one will question where the flower girl was or why you didn’t have a ring bearer, in fact it’s not something that anyone will pay any mind to if you do with out. A great alternative that we’ve seen if you want a flower girl or ring bearer and don’t have any kids available… dogs, duh! Hello, people love dogs! Bring your furry friend and let them make everyone’s day walking down the isle, I mean they are your most loyal friend, right? Here at the Wheeler House, we love pups!

Wedding Processional Order

This is a tricky topic because there are so many different ways that you can build your processional. Always remember: who do you want to see walking down the isle together when you look back at your wedding pictures? If you want your grandma to walk in with your little brother, do it! If you want the groomsmen already standing and the bridesmaids to come in individually, go for it. If you want your mom and dad to walk you down the isle together, they totally can. Today is your day and should be a representation of you and what you want.

Traditional Vows vs. Writing Your Own

Vows, ah yes… as if you aren’t nervous enough! I’ve heard a lot of couples shy off from writing their own vows because they’re shy or too anxious to speak their own words but if this is something you’re considering… go for it! Chances are the only people that will hear you saying your vows are the bridal party, officiant, and maybe those in the first or second row which are probably the people you would ask to help you or that you would recite it back to as practice. I’m not against traditional vows by any means, I think they’re beautiful and well said however, you’re going to be just as nervous saying them as you would be writing your own so just let it boil down to your preference on what you want to hear and remember from this intimate moment

Traditional Dances

Everyone knows the traditional dances, bride and groom, father and daughter, mother and son. But, let’s say you don’t want to do those dances or maybe your aunt is very near and dear to your heart, include her! There is no right way to go about first dances; it’s what fits you best. We’ve seen so many people veto a father daughter dance and fill it with a dance with someone else or couples want to include their children so they do a daddy, daughter dance… whatever makes you the most comfortable and the happiest is what you should do.

Groom’s Cake

This is a great topic to work through. Suppose your groom doesn’t like cake or with your wedding cake you just feel like,    “whoa! Cake overload.” No worries, there are tons of alternative options. We’ve seen mini assorted dessert bars provided by our catering team, events by dezign to donuts brought in, because nothing says “hole-y matrimony” like a wall of your favorite donuts. Get creative, if your soon to be husband has a favorite snack or dessert, it makes for a great alternative!