We love writing our blogs, but we have been saving this one for a special time of the year. As we head into Thanksgiving this special story has weighed heavy on our hearts and we felt it was best to now share a love story that has such a deeper meaning than your typical wedding blog. We will get to that in a little while but first, lets take a trip down memory lane.

There is something about young love that you can’t deny. It’s fresh, it’s pure, and it happens before the things of the world takes over. Some may wonder what happens when a high school football player takes out a beautiful brown-haired girl to see a movie and we are here to tell you!

After 6 years of dating, Miss Adriana DiBenedetto declared that her and Mr. William Swick’s first date was a, “hilarious hot mess!” We have all been there so we found it quite humorous that she admitted this to us!

couple on porch at The Wheeler House

After years of dating, Adriana shared with us that her proposal was filled with rose petals, candles, their favorite Italian restaurant, photos, but most importantly family. Adriana shared with us that her father took photos of the celebration and that is something that made the night of their engagement even more special.

couple outside of The Wheeler House

After the engagement, Adriana said she was looking for a venue, “that was caring about our wedding day, as well as organized! I wanted a large open space where it didn’t feel like anyone was left out!” After deciding that July was the perfect time for the wedding, it was settled!


A short time before Adriana and Drew became engaged, she and her family received news that no one ever wants to hear. Her sweet father was having surgery to remove a tumor from his brain, after the surgery he would be beginning the journey of chemotherapy and radiation.

porch at The Wheeler House

We asked Adriana to share with us if there were any significant or monumental moments in her and Drews relationship that defined their love story. She began to tell us that, “when I found out my father was sick, Drew would show up just to hang out with him or take him to the movies. Our love for each other grew so despite the difficult circumstances.”

father and bride

As Adriana, and Drew’s wedding day drew near we were so eager to watch their day unfold. Adriana chose a marble cake design, with accents of copper as centerpieces, and earthy tones full of an eclectic vibe for her flowers!

wedding invitations

We knew this would be an emotional day for everyone but as 6:00 inched closer, we were in awe at the moments that we got to see unfold. These are memories that we will never forget.

father giving away bride

“The most memorable part of my wedding was walking down the aisle. My dad has brain cancer and we weren’t sure of whether he would make it to the wedding or not and Drew and my dad have the most amazing bond. I know that moment meant so much to all of us there! It was truly perfect.”

bride walking down aisle

In the time since Adriana’s special wedding in July, her father has since passed away. It was an honor and privilege to get to know him and even more of an honor for us to have him at The Wheeler House where he took one of the most special walks with his daughter.

couple at altar

As we approach Thanksgiving this year, this is what we are thankful for. The opportunity to have a business where the most precious memories can be created. We send out our love and prayers to this sweet family this year, as well as of our past, current, and present couples!

bride embracing father

With love,
The Wheeler House

In loving memory of,
Matthew DiBenedetto

Venue: The Wheeler House || Wedding Dress: J. Andrews || Bridesmaids Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu || Florist: Flowers from Us || Men’s Attire: Saavi || Hair + MUA: Edge and Priss Glam|| Photography: Chris Hardin Photography. || Décor and Rentals: Miss Milly’s Event Rentals and Design