We are so happy to be sharing this blog with so many wonderful brides! We know wedding planning can be stressful, especially when you have a million things that you want done. We are here to help you! In more ways than one, we want to share with you our, ‘5 Ways to Save’ which will help cut cost in different areas of your wedding budget!

1. Only Serve Beer and Wine
This will be a huge savings on your end! By only serving beer and wine, you don’t have to worry about bringing in a surplus of mixers and garnishes and you can provide a variety of reds and white for your guests to choose from!

2. Consider off season rates
At The Wheeler House, we offer peak season and off season pricing! While we do book weddings year-round it is the bride and groom’s personal preference when they would like to celebrate their special union! With our climate controlled barn, we make sure you and your guests are cozy and comfortable during any season! By choosing off season you can also focus on other things that will make your wedding bloom!

3. Build your guest count beforehand
Know your guest count and stick to it! Not having 300 guests at your wedding will help keep costs down tremendously. If your budget allows for a maximum of 100 guests, keep that in mind. Once you start adding on guests you will need to factor in the cost for your extra food, cake, centerpieces, and so much more that can quickly add up!

4. No favors necessary!
We know everyone thinks this is a must, but we promise it’s not! By not supplying favors not only will this save you time, money, and effort but you also don’t have to worry about taking home what is left at the end of the night! With delicious cake and food, plus rocking entertainment your crowd will no doubt enjoy themselves!

5. Skip the photo booth
Memories are made on the dance floor anyway! When you hire a photographer, they will be sure to capture you and your crowd all night long! The best photos are always the candid ones taken by your photographer.

Here you have it, ‘5 Ways to Save’ from our in house vendor team that will be sure to help you in one way or another when preparing for your wedding day!