Music is a big portion of your wedding day and we don’t want you to forget some very important songs that are inevitably going to be played! These are some crucial songs that can definitely determine the atmosphere for your evening!

1. Walking down the aisle
This is the moment all of your guests are waiting for! We want this to be as special for you as it is for your guests. We love hearing different songs that fits you and your fiance’s personalities and relationship.

2. Your welcome announcement song into your reception
This should be a fun and upbeat song because…
1. You just got married! And 2. This is the first time you and your new spouse are being welcomed into your reception as husband and wife!

3. Your first dance song
This is a moment you will remember forever! Every time you hear this song you will reflect back on your wedding day, pick a song that is super and sentimental to you and your fiance!

4. Cut that cake!
We recommend choosing something just as sweet as biting into your first piece of wedding cake! It’s always nice to have some fun tunes going as your background to fit what’s happening during the evening!

5. Segway into dancing
It’s time to cut a rug! Play a hit song or maybe a fun group dance song that will bring all of your closest family and friends to the dance floor!

6. Last dance song
What better way to close out your dream wedding night than with rocking song that everyone knows and can sing along to?!

This was a super fun blog for us to write and for you to enjoy as you continue your wedding planning into your dream day!

With love,

The Wheeler House