Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be stressful. It’s not so much the stress of planning but the stress of wanting everything to be exactly how you imagined. This is where your bridesmaids come into play.

You specifically chose your bridesmaid for a reason. Some might be a few of the same reasons, but on your wedding day you want your most trusted and loyal friends by your side and we can’t blame you for that!

So to the bridal party, be THAT bridesmaid.

Know how to bustle the brides dress.
This will help save time for more dancing! Every dress is made different and some can be trickier than others so ask if you guys can practice it a time or two to ensure the day of is a breeze!

Before the reception ends…
Check in with the venue coordinator and see if there are any items of the bride and grooms that you can go ahead put in their getaway car to alleviate them from having to do anything!

Help both the bride and groom’s families clean up at the end of the night.
This will mean so much to the families, at the end of the night everyone is tired and ready to go but, you know your friend would do it for you so be sure to ask if you can be of assistance to the families!

Be on time.
We can’t stress this enough! If you are running behind then that is only delaying others and what they had planned for. Make the conscious effort to arrive on time and be ready to lend a helping hand where it is needed.

Take photos of the perfect day.
Show them all the love! Let’s be honest we thrive off social so media so what better way to praise your bestie then on their wedding day?!This is such a generous gesture to your sweet friends who can enjoy looking at the photos while they are waiting on the photos from the photographer as well. If they have a #hashtag for the big day don’t forget to add that!

Be involved throughout the entire wedding planning process!
Be attentive to your bestie throughout the entire wedding planning festivities, this will mean more you could ever imagine to her. Knowing she has someone covering her back will put her at so much peace!

Weekend after weekend we meet some of the best people that have ever come through our doors, we aren’t surprised by this because if our clients have chosen for you to be here, then we want you here! So, Be THAT bridesmaids because it will be sure to not go unrecognized, and these sweet favors will be returned to you on your special day!

With love,

The Wheeler House